Wisdome is a Psychic/Steel type.

Wisdome evolves from Braitron at level 40, Braitron evolves from Genieum at max Happiness.

Wisdome is the Wisdom Pokemon

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"Wisdome have an IQ of over 8,000 this high mental activity has allowed Wisdome to have clear visions of the future."

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Evolve Braitron

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Forewarn: Determines what moves a foe has

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 Aftermath: Damages the foe after getting KOd

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How to Use Edit

To start, Wisdome has great HP, Sp.D, Sp.At, and Def. When using Wisdome it is most likely to wall another Pokemon out while throwing down a toxic or Spikes. Due to it's Steel/Psychic typing and it's high Sp.D, psychic attacks will do almost nothing to Wisdome. Due to it's weakness to fire and ground, Wisdome will be taking a good amount of damage from earthquake. Wisdome is a very viable pokemon in doubles or singles. If you are looking for a pure bulky wall with a good typing then Wisome is highly recommended to have a slot in your Pokemon party.