Magmountain is a Fire type

Magmountain evolves from Hilliard at level 20, then evolves into Volcanion at level 58.

Magmountain is the Mountain Pokemon

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"Magmountain have large fists made from volcanic rocks, when Magmountain are angry, they will erupt which will increase there body temperature and throw them into a rage."

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Magmountain is essentially an improved version of Hilliard, although it gains a fire typing. After evolving from Hilliard, most Magmountain will have grass moves. EVs: HP=0 At.=1 Def.=1 Sp. At.=0 Sp. Def=1 Speed=0

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Limber: Protects pokemon from paralysis

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Solid Rock: Reduces damage from super effective hits 

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