Hilliard is a Grass type.

Hilliard evolves into Magmountain at level 20, then into Volcanion at level 58.

Hilliard is the Grassy Hill pokemon.

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"Hilliard grow into small ditches in the ground to remain camoflaged with other small hills. They move very slowley across hilly terrains."

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Hilliard has good defense, special defense making it rather bulky. Adding on tho its great defenses it has above average attack power. Hilliard lacks in speed and special attack, making it not a fast special sweeper. EVs: HP:0 At.=0 Def.=1 Sp.At=0 Sp. Def.=1 Speed=0

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Limber: Protects pokemon from paralysis

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Soundproof: Gives immunity to sound based moves 

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