Carashell is a Water type.

Carashell evolves into Coastefice at level 16, which evolves into Abyssonite at level 36.

Carashell is one of the three starters in the Ocelové Region, the other two being Bushling and Emburn.

Carashell is the Baby Turtle Pokemon

Pokedex EntryEdit

"After birth, Carashell stay in shallow water because it hasn't perfected the ability to swim in deeper water yet. Wet sand also helps the development of it's shell."

Locations Edit

Only one available through normal play, one of the three starters in the ____ Region, received by professor _____ in Greenleaf Town.

Base Stats Edit

Carashell BST-2

Ability Edit

Torrent: Powers up water type moves in a pinch

Hidden Ability Edit

Shell Armor: Protects the pokemon from critical hits

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