Bushling is a Grass type.

Bushling evolves into Kamotodon at level 16, which evolves into Forestgite at level 36.

Bushling is one of the three starters in the Ocelové Region, the other two being Carashell and Emburn.

Bushling is the Leaf Pokemon

Pokedex EntryEdit

"Fernling live in lush forests and hide from predators into the environment using the leaf on top of it's head." 

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Only one available through normal play, one of the three starters in the ____ Region, received by professor _____ in Greenleaf Town.

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Bushling has decent HP and good attack, but specializes in it's speed. Bushling will often outspeed everything early game and only grows faster. EVs: HP=0 At=0 Def=0 SpAt=0 SpDef=0 Speed=1

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Overgrow: Powers up grass type moves in a pinch

Hidden Ability Edit

Speed Boost: Increases Speed each turn.

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